Aim: To gain an understanding of document content while organizing them into logical sub-sets in an efficient and cost effective manner. Develop facts, reduce risk, reduce cost, leverage technology, facilitate collaboration and communication.

Document review is a critical component to most dispute resolution and investigation matters and is used to identify responsive documents to produce and privileged documents to withhold. During the document review process is when legal teams begin to understand the factual issues of a matter in greater depth and can begin to create tactical strategies to bring or defend a claim. You may find that the process begins with understanding the scope of the review followed by identifying reviewers, whether internally or externally, to conduct the document review.

Apogee FTE Review

This part of the process can seem daunting, however Apogee’s team of experts have years of experience applying ever-improving methods of search technology and review application functionality to ensure that costs are not incurred unnecessarily and the process is run efficiently.

In times of increasing data volumes, our teams work hard to apply methods such as concept-based searching, linguistic pattern recognition and predictive coding to further cull data and increase efficiency. Further, these methods can be used for new iterative searches as part the ongoing review as further facts arise from the reviewed data.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to guide legal review teams with the most appropriate, effective and efficient strategies to respond to clients’ disclosure obligations. Our team works closely with your legal team to streamline the review process so that costs in terms of time and money are reduced as far as possible.