Aim: Displaying ESI before audiences, especially in native and near-native forms, to elicit further information, validate existing facts or positions, or persuade an audience.

In the process of exhibiting disclosed data to a court, tribunal or in an arbitration, traditional hard copy presentation is still the most commonplace, although it is increasingly performed in electronic format. Whichever method your team chooses, Apogee has the ability and experience to support you. Our vast print capabilities mean that your hard copy presentation requirements can be performed in-house.

Apogee FTE eBibles

Should you decide that electronic format is the preferred method, Apogee’s eBibles service can provide a cost-effective and secure solution. Indeed, technology has developed much over recent years to enable presentation in image format. Due to the ability to disclose documents in native or near native format, some matters now require presentation in native format also.


Apogee are specialists in the creation of eBibles; the process of transforming your paper-based legal information and documentation into an organised structure of electronic files. The end result is a fully indexed document set made available on the traditional CD, DVD or USB, or uniquely via our hosted web portal This provides accurate cross-document electronic indexing and search facilities that allows users to instantly retrieve and view any particular document from anywhere in the world.

eBibles are the ideal solution to simplifying the management and portability of complex fully index documentation. It provides a cost effective solution for clients looking to provide easy access to document locally, or hosted over a network, to offer collaboration or remote access.

Advanced search and index facilities
Critically, it complies with authentication issues addressed in the BSI Code of Practice (BIP 0009:2004) ‘Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically’.

Hosted eBible Solutions
Apogee are the only company who provide hosted eBible solutions via our web portal.

Reduced environmental impact
Significant reduction of environmental impact since there is no need to copy and recopy large volumes of documents for distribution.

Apogee FTE Paper Printing

Paper Printing

With a client base across law, finance, government, media, architecture, engineering, construction, transport and technology, Apogee has the in-house technology to cope with huge volumes of mono and colour documents.

Apogee maintains a dominance in the legal sector, having worked with 12 out of the 14 largest global law firms in the industry. Our teams set new industry standards by having our own in-house team of highly qualified engineers who work 24/7 to maintain core activities and ensure printing continuity.

Apogee has a proven track record in delivering high priority printing jobs within demanding deadlines. Our hallmark is our ability to deliver jobs of demanding specifications, while consistently meeting quality and delivery requirements.