Aim: In the identification phase the legal team develops and executes a plan to identify and validate potentially relevant ESI sources including people and systems.

The process by which potential sources of relevant information are identified is a critical stage in order to issue an effective legal hold. Apogee has extensive experience in ensuring that this process is thorough and comprehensive so that our clients have utmost confidence that all potentially relevant information is identified and captured.

Apogee Forensic Technology and eDisclosure Consultancy

Apogee brings a genuinely consultative approach to the identification process; we work together with our clients to share the burden of identifying which electronically stored information (ESI) is to ultimately be collected. Through this consultative approach we work closely with you, the client’s IT team and, importantly, the data set, to construct reasonable searches of the client’s storage systems and relevant custodians’ devices, however complex or wherever in the world they may be. Further, we work with you every step of the way to prepare for every aspect of the eDiscovery process, including ensuring its defensibility by way of a thoroughly drafted EDQ and preparation for disclosure-related CMCs.